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So basically not everyone will have do deal with their skin purging when they are using glutathione. But a few will... If you feel you are looking "darker" when using gluathione.... I feel this means your skin is purging.. which means toxins are leaving the body! this is a good thing! and the "purge will not last forever! So if you are looking for a natural healthy way to enhance the skin.. I think the best thing to do is power through this skin purge!

Also! Glutathione is not a quick skin lightening fix! you must be patient and consistent to see results! if you are looking for something fast then glutathione is NOT for you.. People who choose to use glutathione to lighten their skin must understand that it takes time! Some people will see results faster than others. it just depends on how your body works.

Lastly, if you want naturally gorgeous lashes! try No 7 Lash Serum you will not regret it!

Also don't mind that my skin is peeling. I 'm using the santeva honey bee soap and its making my skin peel.


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40 thoughts on “Glutathione for lightening darker skin tones

  1. Tembo says:

    That’s so true ! I don’t see it either , until I take a picture and I’m like …wow I’m really yellow ☺️. I do t wear makeup and that’s soooooo nice coz what you see is what I really am .i put lipstick , fill in my brows and wear lashes 👍🏾. How are your feet and hands ? Is it making your whole body light or just your face ? What’s your story with that?

  2. X says:

    Do you have pictures of how your skin looked during your ",puring" stage? I'm pregnant and was a caramel complexion before pregnancy but now I have the worst pregnancy mask. My skin is super dark and elts not even talk about my butt lol I'm hoping things will go back to normal and my snapback game is strong. Lol first baby so alot of unexpected changes has taken place.

  3. vikas tawade says:

    hiii i am from india , please tell me which brand of glutethione pills should i purchase? how much approx time required to see the changes? does any supplimentory pills has to be taken along with glutethione?please answer if you can

  4. Tandibee123 says:

    I can see a difference between now and one of your first videos 6 years ago. This weekend I went out wig shopping with a friend who is white Brazilian, and she was picking out honey blonde wigs which I would never have considered before my glutathione journey. Now I can see the difference, it's subtle, but skin tone is definitely glowing. I use a different supplier (budget friendly) and have put together a regimen that includes kojic acid & glutathione soap, vit c serum, lotion that contains glutathione (also alpha arbutin, vit c & kojic acid amongst other ingredients). I also mask twice a week and use sunscreen; and exfoliate using gloves. Glutathione works if you stick to a strict routine. I love it, also improves your overall health😍😍😊thanks for sharing your videos, I find them very helpful.

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