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Today I am sharing Glass Skin Care Routine - Part 2. This part comprises of toner and serums.

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Irem Deep Cleansing Facial Toner for all skin types

Luxura Sciences Vitamin C Serum 30 ML for Skin Glow, Anti Ageing
Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 30%

HONEST CHOICE Skin Lightening Whitening Brightening and Intimate Serum
Sorry!! Its soo amazing that it is most of the time out of stock. Better luck next time.

Inatur Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil (12 ml) https://mlpl.link/cueuo

Good Vibes Pure Essential Oil - Turmeric (10 ml) https://mlpl.link/Rxeb6

Good Vibes Pure Essential Oil - Frankincense (10 ml) https://mlpl.link/qnRcJ

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Devinez Carrot Seed Essential Oil


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24 thoughts on “Glass Skincare Routine – Part 2 | How to achieve glass skin at home Rabia Skincare


    Guys!! You people asked for under budget affordable products for achieving glass skin. For you people i took time to order and test those products to share some best and affordable options. If you want DIYs, then please refer my previous videos.. i have shared many diys on same steps. Still if you want other options please comment. I'll share this too. After this video, part 3 il share on 9th that part will be on day n night creams..abt salicylic acid gel , tretinoin etc…after that il share a video on chemical peeling.

  2. shipra goyal says:

    Hello Dee.. very nice and informative vedio.. thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge with us.. but I have a query regarding essential oils .. that is can we add more than 2 essential oils in our creams at once.. like can I add lemon, turmeric and sandalwood oil at once in my daily cream and apply.. please reply

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