If you have a olive/darker medium skin tone, look no further than jane iredale's Pure & Simple Kit, which contains all of your makeup essentials for a natural makeup look.

To get this look, Global Makeup Educator Edgar uses:
- Pure & Simple Kit in Medium Dark
- PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner
- Longest Lash Lengthening Mascara
-PureGloss Lip Gloss in Snowberry

All products are available on https://janeiredale.com/.


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9 thoughts on “Get the Look: Pure & Simple Makeup Look for OLIVE SKIN

  1. RYLL says:

    I watched like the top 10 videos showcasing this kit. This video is the best I saw and the reviewer (nowandjane?) actually used the lip/cheek tint on their cheeks which was why I had to go through 10 videos to find. By the way, the reviewer appears to be Asian with olive skin. https://youtu.be/hG0W4xIr7x0

  2. Zemma Luise Westh Poder says:

    Jane Iredale> it doesn't really sound all that sincere… going back to 2015, and you almost always use Caucasian models. I have had a hard time finding any other ethnicities. I found one or two videos featuring an African American, but that's it! So in two years, you haven't been getting wiser? Learning more about diversity? How does one manage not to?

    It is very very difficult not to think that this is a conscious choice…

    I will keep a watch on this channel, but you will no longer be my go to mineral makeup brand, and neither will I recommend you to others, before you make a significant change.

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