GARNIER MEN || NEW POWER WHITE || Anti Dark Cells fairness || FACE WASH || Hindi Ad by VIKAS SHARMA

GARNIER MEN || NEW POWER WHITE || Anti Dark Cells fairness || FACE WASH || Hindi Ad by VIKAS SHARMA

Garnier Men New Power White FACE WASH


It removes your spots – Dark spots, Pimple spots and Sun spots

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Product Description

Garnier Men Power Light intensive fairness face wash is enriched with lemon extract and anti oxidant grape water that deliver fairness by way of a refreshing brightening action.

Brightening Face Wash

Garnier presents a face wash for men that not only cleanses, but also brightens it, to give you a fairer looking skin. The Garnier Men Power Light face wash is an effective cleanser that reveals a fresher, brighter looking skin with each use. Formulated for intensive fairness, this cleansing face wash is a must-have in your essentials kit, no matter where you go. This Garnier face wash for men removes dark cells and pollutants, while deeply cleansing the skin of impurities. You’ll see a visibly brightened skin each time you have washed your face with the Garnier PowerLight face wash for men.

Effective Ingredients for Deep Cleansing

The Garnier Men PowerLight face wash has anti-dark cells and anti-impurities ingredients, which eliminate dark dead cells and penetrate deep into the skin to clear impurities and pollutants. It also contains micro-polishing beads that effectively exfoliate the skin. The lemon extracts in the Garnier men PowerLight face wash help control excess oil secretion, while the antioxidant grape water removes toxins and repairs skin. Experience freshness and brightening effect that comes with the deep cleansing this Garnier mens face wash offers. Apply on wet face, gently massage with fingertips in circular movements and wash off. Use this face wash daily to find a new you, every time you cleanse your skin.

Brand: Garnier

Pack Size: 50g, 100 g

Gender: Men

Removes impurities and pollutants

Eliminates dark dead cells

Gives a brighter appearance by deep cleansing your skin

Contains: Micro- polishing beads for exfoliation, lemon extracts for oil control and anti-oxidant grape water

It is available in pack of – 50g for Rs.90 and 100g for Rs.162

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