EXTRASHADE – Suncare and SPF for Multi-cultural Skin

Groomed LAAwesome! EXTRASHADE is a unique SPF product carefully formulated for rich complexions that is proving to help maintain great looking skin among the multi-cultural community.

The fact is 1 out 3 people belong to the multi-cultural community.

For this growing population who has extra pigmentation, more melanin, EXTRASHADE is suncare products that are carefully designed to help solve their primary health and beauty concerns — hyperpigmentaion and discoloration.

I had the fabulous and brilliant Dr. Sheila Hughes try out the EXTRASHADE line on her insanely perfect skin and report back to us…

“I started using Extrashade in the last 1 1/2 months since I began exercising outdoors. I admittedly didn’t spend a whole lot of time outside before. I’m getting ready to do the Ms. U.S. Globe Pageant in August so I really appreciate having it now. I absolutely love the product. I use it everyday now as a moisturizer for my skin. It has a very luxurious feel and actually has a slight shimmer to it so it looks very beautiful on darker skin tones. (Through trial and error, I found that a little bit goes a long way.) Because it is made with natural ingredients I feel good about using it daily and I love the way my skin looks and feels with it. As a physician I would recommend it because not only is it good for the overall health of your skin, it conforms to the new FDA recommendations regarding sunscreens that they should provide a SPF of 30 and broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection. Since I’m 57, I appreciate the ingredients which not only protect my skin but also hydrate, repair and rejuvenate it with natural botanicals.

Love it!”

Thanks Sheila! And thanks EXTRASHADE for letting us sample. We will be sure to help spread the word!


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