Don’t be victim of false immunity

It may not be your fault that you think your dark skin is enough protection from any harmful effects the sun may have on the body. Surprisingly, the only time anyone would envy those with dark skin is when it comes to talking about the sun and potential damage it can cause on skin. This has led to most people with dark skin having a false sense of security. False here because in truth, your dark skin may help prevent sun damage but it will not protect you from the other harmful effects of the sun.

Darker skin has a higher concentration of melanin than other fair skin types. Melanin acts as an absorber of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and also has oxidative properties. This means that for dark skin, the melanin present in the body will help ensure that people with dark skin can stay in the sun for long periods without the risk of getting burn. Note here that it is not said that dark skin people don’t burn. It only says that they may take longer to burn. This is enough to tell any dark skin person that they too need sun protection with the right SPF value.

Hopefully as a dark skin person you’ve already understood that you can suffer from sunburn just like a fair skin person. This should be enough to make you wear sun protection if you intend to maintain a healthy looking complexion. However if you’re are not yet convinced, read on! The sun has ultraviolet rays some of which have long wavelengths and others have short wavelengths. The shorter wavelength will act most effectively when the body is in direct contact with sunlight and these are those that cause sunburn. The long wavelength rays on the other hand can penetrate glass and go deep into the skin layer. This means that even if you’re not in direct contact with sunlight, you can still suffer from its effect. These long wavelength rays are more prone to cause skin cancer.

Therefore, as a dark skin person, even if you don’t suffer from sun burn, exposing your body to sun rays may be putting yourself at risk of developing skin cancer. Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore this advice as unlike sunburn, the role of the sun in causing skin cancer is hard to see as it occurs over a period of time. However, any wise person should heed to advise and take necessary precaution while they can. Dark skin with its melanin content will provide needed protection from sun burn but it’s not enough to ensure you don’t suffer from skin disorders caused by sun exposure. That is why it becomes important to use the right sun protection with the right SPF value as recommended.

It is not in all cases where you can help your body to be at its best. Yet with the skin, you have the ability to help it stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Help your skin to be in the right state by using sun protection with the right SPF value.

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