Dark Skinned Girls Are Unattractive (ft Jennie Jenkins)

Dark Skinned Girls Are Unattractive (ft Jennie Jenkins)

*Read Me First*


Comments are disabled because some people have totally decided to take what we have said out of context.

Breeny meant: why am I even thinking about skintones I like everyone but because the guys I’ve recently been dating have been lighter skinned I was questioning myself who do I even like now? Point is that I like all but I was thinking out loud.

Please try not to get caught up with your misconceptions and focus on the real aim of this video!


Because you clicked this video we know that you are interested in this topic! Myself and Jennie just wanted to be the ones to send a message across to all women and tell them how beautiful they are!

Not one thing about you has the power to limit you in any way shape or form, Your complexion is not a handicap and no matter how dark you are, you are BEAUTIFUL.

In this video we share our experiences and our views on the being dark skinned growing up, we also give you handy tips on how to leverage on your dark skin too!

We are proud to be beautiful dark skinned, black women!

Theres more to life than your complexion and you are so so so so much more!

Hope you enjoyed the video! Please subscribe for more and give us more topics to discuss!

Our Backgrounds: 0:54
Self Consciousness 6:17
Media Influence: 8:22
Male Attraction 14:07
Pretty For A Dark Skin Girl 16:57
Skin Bleaching: 18:12
Confidence: 21:03
Role Models: 28:51
Beauty Tips For Dark Girls: 31:46
How Can We Make A Change 38:57

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