Dark Skin chicks aint ugly no more | Dark Skin Activist “Ready to Love” Review on OWN

Dark Skin chicks aint ugly no more | Dark Skin Activist “Ready to Love” Review on OWN





Everybody wants to know who is Rashida Strober and what’s this dark skin thing she started? Well, Rashida Strober, the world’s first and only dark skin activist is the first woman in history to create a movement only for dark skin. Rashida Strober is the creator, the originator, the architect of the first platform in history for dark skin. She created this dark skin platform in the year 1998 and called it “dark skinned activism” and called herself “the dark skin activist”. Since 1998 Rashida Strober, the world’s first and only dark skin activist built the dark skin activist platform into a global brand:


• Rashida Strober is the first black woman and dark skinned woman to make her dark skin the focal point of her career
• 1998 Rashida gave birth to dark skin activism with a speech about the dark skin model Alek Wek given at saint Petersburg College
• 1998 to 2005 Rashida served as activist in her community while continuing to develop creative works around only dark skin
• 2006 Rashida created the dark skin activist tour featuring her one woman play about dark skin which is the first of its kind called, A dark skin woman’s revenge
• 2009 Rashida built the first dark skin website
• 2009 Rashida brought the first dark skin platform to social media by creating the first channel for dark skin on YouTube and social media
• 2012 Rashida created the first dark skin show that focused only on the issues of dark skin called A dark skin woman’s revenge
• 2011 Rashida created the concept/ paradigm of darkism and wrote and published the book Darkism: 25 ways dark skin people are discriminated against in 2016. The book can be found at Queenofdarkskin.com or Amazon
• In 2013 Rashida wrote the first motivational book for dark skin females called, “ How to be the hottest dark skin chick on the planet” The book can be found at
Queenofdarkskin.com or on Amazon
• 2013 Rashida made history appearing on TV as the first to bring the dark skin platform to the masses by being the first to bring the “bullied for a dark skin girl narrative” to TV
• 2014 Rashida brought dark skin counseling online and has since counseled countless people on colorism and darksim. She is the first person in history to do colorism and darkism counseling
• 2014 Rashida introduced the dark skin activism platform to the Tommy Sotomayor Show which was previously unheard of
• Since 2014 Rashida set the colorism debate standards that all others have followed by being the first to debate countless men and women on social media in regards to colorism and darkism. Youtube Rashida Strober interviews.
• 2015 The dark skin activist brand became famous and known to millions due to the Kendrick Lamar social media post that Rashida wrote in regards to what she viewed as colorism and darkism in his mate selection choice.
• 2015 people all over the world wrote about The dark skin activist, Rashida Strober including The Breakfast Club’s, Charlemagne making Rashida “Donkey of the day” for being the dark skin activist and calling out Kendrick Lamar’s colorism and darkism.
• 2017 Rashida made history as an opponent in the first colorism/ darkism debate with another black woman on Saneter TV
• Rashida Strober is the first artist to focus her work only on dark skin
• Rashida Strober is the first author to write about only dark skin
• Rashida Strober has written more books on dark skin than anyone in the world
• Rashida Strober has written more plays on dark skin than anyone in the world
• Rashida Strober is the creator of social commentary on dark skin
• Rashida Strober is the first actress to initiate performances only on dark skin
• Rashida Strober is the first debater to focus only on darkism and colorism
• Rashida Strober is the creator of the paradigm darkism
• Rashida Strober is the undisputed queen of dark skin as evidenced by a record that stems back to the year 1998.


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  • Brainism Thoughtism Reply

    Colorism is a WHITE Weapon "Frankensteined" into existence and imposed upon the  Melanin-Rainbow of Black People as a tactical means of divide-and-conquer  yet sadly, far too many Blacks have become gullible enough to Embrace it as their own!  ..But the core REASON why BLACK PEOPLE are so Stuck-Stupid on this colorism Bullshit, is solely because their livelihoods depends so heavily upon what WHITE PEOPLE provides, so it MATTERS what Whites Thinks, Believes, Feel and SAY about them!

    Whereas if Black People Had their OWN shit in place,  then all this White Supremacy Bullshit would be SEEN for what it really is and thus Trivialized, if given any further concerns about it at all!!

    But because the BLACK RACE have FAILED Black People and the BLACK PEOPLE that makes up the Black Race have FAILED in their overall support of each other,  this creates a  Populous of Black People at large who're Socially left OUT IN THE OPENING  [So to speak] and thus Socially Vulnerable  at/to the whims of their surroundings!

    Whereas the-said Blacks DO NOT HAVE a Social place of their OWN to call HOME!!   >>>>So they overcompensate by finding refuge within the  "Foster Home" of another race!

    And with that, comes the "Stockholm Syndrome" as their primary means of survival therein!

     >>Urging them to DO whatever it takes to BLEND  [Find their place] within their  "Foster Home!"  and thus becomes very "Sensitive" to what people SAY within that Foster Home within which they're seeking solitude, acceptance, Validations and/or overall value of self-worth!

    Thus again, when said persons within that Foster Home makes comments about being "TOO DARK"  [by "THEIR" Standards and being so scientifically Ignorant as to the Genetic Benefits of what having "DARK SKIN" really Means] ,  then said Blacks [Equally Ignorant to their OWN TRUE identity and thus seeking to FIT-IN that of someone ELSE's]  would embrace and Co-Sign such ignorances as a valid reference to what is "Required" for Being Accepted  and  proceed to make Foolish alterations unto [upon] themselves so as to be more "Accommodating" to the Visual opinion(s)  of others at the sacrifice and hatred of their own ethnicity/Identity!

    But then again,  Such is the PRICE that Black People PAY under the Colonial Rule of Another Race!

    But these issues will ALWAYS be as such for as LONG as Black people proceed under the  mindset of Subservience to their Hates!  So much so that Black People have forked out over $11 Billion  [ Yes, that's $11,000,000,000 ] annually on/towards superficial bullshit like "Hiding their OWN Ethnic Attributes" so as to be more Likeable by Racist White People.

    Thus in just the Last decade or so, Black People have collectively forked out  [Given Away!]  over $110,000,000,000  [ That's $110 Billion ] of their Dollars  in exchange for whatever self-mutilation it took to be Liked by Racist Whites and yet alone to whom that money was paid via the purchased of their Self-Hate Products that they've manufactured/ marketed and sold to Black People!
    Whereas with something as simple as  Black Pride, would've easily redirected that annually wasted "Black-Low-Self-Esteem-Spending" into an Annual Surplus!
    Care to guess what Billions in annual surplus of Black Dollars would/could/should Do for the Black Communities, Businesses, Jobs, Banks, College Tuitions and more?
    If Black People had the wherewithal to channel their foolishly wasted capital towards an Infrastructure and/or a system of self-support and development, then the effects of their Hates would be trivialized to that of ZERO concerns, if given further thoughts in that regards, at all!

    Amazing that Blacks put themselves through this psychological/social bullshit all while unbeknownst  [Ethnically Indoctrinated Blind by White Supremacy]  of the facts in/of the genetic benefits and importance of their OWN melanin!   …Whereas   >>"Melanin"<<  = the culminations of and/or in relations to Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Amino Acids, Gold, Antimutagenic Properties [Gene Stabilizer] , Antiaging properties, is WHY we see/discern  Colors, Taste flavors, Hear Sounds, is also an electrical Conduit of electrical Signals to/from the Brain throughout the human nervous system and mush more unsung  [White Supremacy Suppressed]  Benefits, is among the FIRST TO BECOME PRESENT within ALL HUMAN BEINGS at the most earliest stages of Human Development!  Whereas if said Melanin Presence was too thin, too "Light" , too Deficient to FEED THE DEMANDS of the developing cells, then said human life would self-abort!  …I.E., WOULD NOT BE BORN!

    Which is "WHY" two albino couples have the most difficult odds of conceiving a child between them, because the overall combined presence of "Melanin"   [Between them] is so THIN, so "WHITED OUT" that the cells Demanding this Melanin staves to death During Development!   >>in the womb!  "literally"

    The Darker you are, the GREATER are your Natural chances of Procreating another human life!

    Wherefore, the Idea of being WHITE or having "Lighter Skin"  [which only teases upon one's believe of having more Whiter-Privileges, albeit ONLY of concerns where white people congregates]  has absolutely NO Genetic Benefits over being comparatively more "Melaninated" , Whatsoever!

    Thus only limited to Socially Constructed Opinions set in motion to self-serve the White Supremist!

    Thus, because Whites are just a few genetic codes away from Albinism, even they experience relatively higher cases of pregnancy misfires than those who are relatively darker!  …In other words, Whites couples who are both Brunets with browner eyes, would experience greater  achievements of pregnancies than White couples who are both Blonds with hazel or bluer eyes, and so forth!

    Thus being comparatively darker, [Greater Concentrations of Melanin] the higher the chances of internally/genetically supplying the necessities for human life!

    So it's NO ACCIDENT that after generations of Whites denouncing anything relatively Darker than themselves, that all of a "Sudden" have a change in thought to seek procreations WITH someone comparatively "DARKER"  [Relatively MORE melanated] than they are, LOL!!!   so as to  [Covertly]  Increase their chances of procreating life!  …Ironic Isn't? LOL!!

    Doing so by self-conveniently Re-Labeling the Varying hues of "Niggers"  [As they've been calling them for generations]   to >>NOW<< be known as WHITE!   LOL!!!!

    [Thus Minimizing internalized racist guilt when looking each other in the eyes as they Replenish {on the down-low}  Melanin that's otherwise been recessing within their own Genes/Bloodlines with each procreative attempt amongst themselves!!]

    Black People produces the "Melanin" genes that enriches the propensity for Human Life, while the genes of White People Recesses this Melanin!    …However, Though White People cannot produce this enriched melanin from within their own bodies, they CAN genetically inherit it from Black People, where they can then "Shush it back and forth"  between themselves for a few procreative cycles before it eventually becomes too recessed for them to procreate any further!

    Thus at which point they've need another "melanin Infusion" from  a Black person, so as to jump start [Increase] their human reproduction odd, again!

    And to think that BLACK PEOPLE are the ONLY PEOPLE ON EARTH who can Genetically Manufacture this  "Melanin-Life-Force"  from within their OWN Bodies!  >>In its purest form<<  ..and thus Black People are the unsung SEEDS of every Human Being on the planet!  [And much more, for another typic at another time]

    Truth be TOLD, it's "Being Melaninated" is that's actually Beautiful and makes one's skin tone appear Lively and more Richer with life!  ..Makes one looks YOUNGER LONGER, Eyes can SEE COLORS BETTER, HEARING BETTER, TASTE FOODS BETTER and Much Much MORE!  .._[Quite a bit more! for another time and topic]_

    Although truth be told that GOD has Blessed/Given Black People his Melanin that's actually the Seed of Human Life, YET there are Blacks who Defies the hands of their Father-GOD in Heaven in their Willingness to  >>"GIVING IT ALL UP"<<  [To destroy the Melaninated gift God hast bestowed upon them]   just to get   >>"LIKES"<<  from their Racist Haters,  who fundamentally resents NOT HAVING ENOUGH OF THIS GIFT [Or Genetically cant internally manufacture it] WITHIN THEMSELVES!

    Sadly, said Blacks are like a Lost Sheep!  For they DO NOT KNOW [Themselves] ANY BETTER, because the entire Life's library of their own identity was "Washed out and Replaced"  BY what was since  "Frankensteined"  from within the "Matrix Of White Supremacy"  ,,Wherein they reside  [Believing they have it all figured out]   within a paradigm of the bigotedly correct, fortified by Lies and Deceit, of which, they've become Psychologically Consumed by the loss of knowledge of self! ….sadly, a countless many Blacks hast already grown old and died, without ever a fucking clue!

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm
  • QueenLadyRo Reply

    I support your plight. It is needed. I think you're a beautiful chocolate queen… I'm light brown with 4C hair (rocking locs). However, my sister, my aunts, and 99% of my girlfriends are chocolate… One of my sons only likes chocolate women with natural hair.. I have 3 sons who I teach to love and protect the black woman—Especially chocolate women. I see how these self hating men get on large platforms and diss us—especially darker skin black women. I want to do my part… This is why I educate my sons AGGRESSIVELY about our culture and colorism. Moreover, on a different note: I'd like to see you with some translucent powder for oily skin blushed in to cut the shine, a lipstick color that complements you, and a cute natural hair style. A woman on YouTube "Chrissie" outlines dark skin woman beauty tips, etc. Men are visual creatures…. You still want to do things to accentuate your features. I have combination/oily skin. Some days I wear the translucent powder to cut down my shine. I don't do foundation… But a little light powder is definitely helpful for me. Again, I appreciate you… Continue being great. The DARK skin Black woman is the prototype… Genetically perfect.

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm
  • Bronxite Maiden Reply

    Topic starts that @13:30

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm
  • Ima Z Reply

    It depends on the facial features if ugly or not not dark skin example – lupita nyongo from black panther movie vs whoopi 😎😳

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm
  • Metu Neter Decoded Reply

    Are you sure you’re the first “Dark Skin Activist?” 🤔

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm
  • Marcy,s life Reply

    I thin you should be happy, that your movement is gaining support….the more that bring it our…the faster it can STOP… you were Never ugly…Love your top

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm
  • brian matts Reply

    You are very pretty.

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm
  • K luv Reply

    Spot on with Ready to Love I agree Tiffany should've been long gone with that horrible attitude towards Alex. She was not ready for love period!

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm
  • Deshone Robinson Reply

    Dark skin is beautiful and sexy.

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm
  • Beautiful Mind Reply

    Chile Mike look guud

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm
  • I'm real Reply

    U would have been gone the first day ugly bitch

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm
  • Wayne Johnson Reply

    You need stop the self-hate!!

    February 20, 2019 at 2:35 pm

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