More colour theory for you! Find out how to mix, match and correct foundation, determine the undertone of your client's skin, and tips on how to conceal and correct common skin concerns. Knowing this colour wheel will take your makeup to the next level and make things way less stressful during makeup application!




Primary Colours: Three colours from which you can create any other colour, these colours cannot be made from mixing any other colour.

Traditionally: Red, yellow and blue.
According to the Real Colour Wheel: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow

Secondary Colours: Colours created by mixing two primary colours

Tertiary Colours: Colours created by mixing one primary and one secondary colour

Complimentary Colours: Colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.

Warm Colours: Reds, oranges and yellows

Cool Colours: Greens, blues and violets

****A great source of information for any makeup artist is 'The Makeup Artist Handbook' by Gretchen Davis & Mindy Hall . You will find more in depth information about colour theory and about every aspect of makeup artistry in this book.****

Thanks for watching!!! Part 2 will be out next Tuesday!!!
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24 thoughts on “Colour Theory for Makeup Artists Pt 2: Skin Tones, Foundation & Colour Correcting

  1. steffy jacob says:

    Hi Angie.. I'm steffy.. . Im a aspiring MUA ..your videos are truly very informative.. I have a small doubt regarding olive skin tones.. what shades v should mix for these undertones… Thank you

  2. Sa Sa says:

    Ur vids are soo informative! I learn so much in that 15 mins! U probs teach more than a makeup skool lol Anyway, thank u so much! Please upload more vids!:D

  3. Grace Williams says:

    From the point of view of someone who does visual arts (painting, drawing, etc.) this is such a blessing to see and hear someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, especially with darker skin tones that are so often overlooked. You’re a true professional and definitely deserve props for this well put together video.

  4. Jadyn Moore says:

    Angie, are there any dupes for the MUFE flash palette? I don’t mind spending the money but I’m assuming it’s out of stock or maybe they don’t make it anymore? HELP ❤️

  5. Ama O says:

    YASSSSS I literally just did this guys and it worked! You can already see my skin tone from my avatar i am very dark skinned but I created my perfect shade using those exact 4. Thanks Angiee you are the best!! I feel so accomplished right now lol

  6. Raven Furs says:

    I decided to re-visit this video because I do plan on trying to make my skin tone lol, but one question, since I am warmer, would I add more yellow instead of red? wanted to ask first before trying on my own lol!

  7. cenobyt3z says:

    I'm just trying to figure out why you don't have more subs. Every one looking to become a freelance makeup artist should follow her channel. This is the stuff we need to learn..this and hygeine are so important.

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