25 thoughts on “Chris Brown: Why Black Women Defend Wrong and Strong!

  1. Indiegirl007 says:

    And you wanna know something? It's usually DARK SKINNED black women who are supporting this man. When he first came out, I wasn't really feeling him because he came off as arrogant. Like, just because he's light skinned, he thought he was cute. Then when that Rihanna situation happened, I cancelled him completely and I have never been able to have a positive thought towards him since. Could never enjoy his music because all I can think of is, is Rihanna's face.

  2. mama p says:

    This is why his arrogant behind has a daughter. Everything he has done unto these women will come back on his daughter….God teaches the best lessons on the innocent.

  3. India Rose says:

    You hit the nail on the head. My daughter works for a major celebrity news channel and she made the same analogy that his primary fan base are caucasian women, and that black women are not the focus of clientele he panders to, however they are the easiest to fall for the bait.

  4. Veins With Glitter says:

    Listen…. talk shit about his actions and personality …he definitely is very troubled and needs some sort of therapy…… But don't discredit his talent . you're saying that his music is mediocre.. and struggle vocals?? which is far from that. Have you heard him sing acapella?? His music is so versatile you're just saying that cause you cant separate the talent from the person. I'm pretty sure when his music comes on you sang along to some of his music.

  5. Business lady says:

    I am a dark skin black woman and God I am so sick of black women fucking complaining and crying …The world don't owe you shit. The black man don't owe you shit. White people don't owe you shit. Light skin women don't owe you shit. Mix women don't owe you shit. Y'all getting on my nerves thinking world and everyone living in it. Especially, the black man are obligated to love you.

  6. Business lady says:

    Oh my God, so what if he only fuck black women with good hair ? It's black women who only dates tall black men. Wtf? I am a black woman and so sick and tired of black women always fucking complaining how the black man hates them and how much the world hates them……..NEWS FLASH SISTAS…… ITS NOT THE WORLD AND BLACK MEN WHO HATES YOU;…. ITS YOU WHO HATE YOURSELVES AND POINTING THE FIGURE AT EVERYONE ELSE….. BLACK WOMEN ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT ARE INSECURE about thier race and skin tone & THATS why NOBODY WANT YOU.

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