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Changes in the earth’s atmosphere and implications on beautiful skin

focus sunprotectionIt is no secret that beautiful complexion is every woman’s dream but it is a secret how to get it. While there are people who are born naturally with beautiful skin, most others will have to work hard at getting beautiful skin. It is rather unfortunate that most people are uninformed of the fact that sun protection plays a major part in determining how beautiful the skin appears.
The sun has ultra violet rays that range from A, B and C.

while ultra violet C is absorbed by the ozone layer, the other two rays A and B do reach the surface of the earth. Although the sun is at the base of the power that drives the earth processes, when it comes to beauty of the skin, its effects are not so good. The ultra violet rays that reach the earth will cause sun burn that may also result in scarring. It also encourages hyperpigmentation of the body. Obviously, a scarred body or one covered with hyperpigmentation could hardly be considered beautiful.  That is why all those hoping to get beautiful skin should do all they can to reduce the effect of the sun’s rays have on their skin.

Over the years, a lot of activities mainly carried out by man have led to a gradual modification of the earth’s system. This gradual modification has led to an eventual depletion of the ozone layer and global warming is the result. Evidence of this can be seen in the thawing icebergs in the northern hemisphere and most areas becoming dry land. This has also meant that more sun rays are reaching the earth and it is time to think about sun protection especially in the area of skin health and beauty.

When adequate sun protection is used, the skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Proper sun protection means the skin will take longer to suffer from sun burn which is likely to darken the skin. Avoiding sun burn is especially recommended for those using bleaching products as it tends to ruin the expected effects. Apart from darkening the skin, sun exposure will result to scarring in extreme cases and the presence of scars on the skin will obviously affect its beautiful look. Sometimes, some people are prone to suffer easily from hyperpigmentation and the sun can make it look worse. That is why using the right sunscreen is recommended if the quest for beautiful skin is going to be attained. Note carefully that ultraviolet rays are present on sunny as well as cloudy days. The A component of ultraviolet rays may even penetrate through glass.

Every time you ask yourself why your complexion is not as beautiful, as that of your neighbor’s, look deep into your cosmetic bag and check if you have any sunscreen included. The proper use of sun protection can make all the difference between a beautiful complexion and an uneven one.

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