transfering cosmetics to new containersWhether you want to travel light or share some of your goodies, you can consider transferring your cosmetics and other beauty products to other containers. While some can be done without much fuss, you need to keep a few pointers in mind for others. If there are only stubs of lipstick left in your tubes, they can be cut and placed in empty palette boxes or even pill boxes. Just make sure the lid is closed properly to avoid bacteria contamination. Ziploc bags work equally well for eye pencils and lip liners with missing caps. You can use a clean spatula to scoop out creams and lotions into separate containers. It is essential that the bottles you are transferring the product to are cleaned and dried out completely.

Hygiene aside, the chemicals that go into these products may react to the air or the material of the container.

A rule of the thumb is to transfer a product packaged in a glass bottle into another glass jar rather than a plastic one. Perfumes are particularly tricky as they react to plastic and air owing to the solvents in them.

With creams and lotions, filling the container to the brim can help minimize the chances of oxidation. Any foul smell or change in consistency is a sure sign that it is time to toss away the product. Otherwise, you are good to go!

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