BLUSHES for Dark Skin| How to wear Shimmer Blush| TheMindCatcher

BLUSHES for Dark Skin| How to wear Shimmer Blush| TheMindCatcher

There are so many blush shades on the market, don’t let certain colors of blush scare you. Try those blush tones in different ways and you’ll be surprised at how great the blush will look against your brown skin. In his video I will show you some of my top pick blushes for women of color. Some of this blush is very affordable drugstore brands, while others are a little pricey. Either way, there is certainly a few blushes in this video that will suit your needs and your dark skin tone.

Products Mentioned and Links:

1. Mac Blushes-
Ambering Rose, Fever, Raizin, Sweet As Cocoa & Sunbasque.

2. Milani Powder Blushes-
Coral Cove & Romantic Rose.

3. Milani Baked Blush-
“Berry Amore”

4. Elf Powder Blush Palette “Dark”-

5. Becca Lumious Blushes-

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Where do I get my shapewear?

*Coastal Scents Makeup-

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