29 thoughts on “Black Women Undeniably Are The Best Looking Women On Earth

  1. Season1 better2 says:

    Maybe that's why they think they can do just anything to men. That thinking goes to their heads and manipulate men and they know it. It's sad that they use their good looks because they have mostly nothing else to go on they think.

  2. Mike Rier says:

    Last comment i'm a make but homegirl from the Luke Cage show Simone Missick I think she bad as fuck. Also the black chick that plays the oldest daughter on Black Lighting shes a bad chocolate sister too.

  3. Mike Rier says:

    As far as black women and beauty is concerned, Nate you gotta understand, lets go back to the show The Real that you was talking about. Now notice on the show Loni Love who is the darker sister on the show why does she have to be overweight representing for dark skin women?. Notice how these shows present our women to us. They couldn't get a sister like Bria Miles or Kelly Rowland on that show to give the Asian chick a real run for her money?. My point is, promotion of our women sucks and that's directly connected to why niggas don't date sisters. Not trying be mean but niggas ain't fantasizing about Loni Love or jackin off to Whoopi Goldberg from The View. They always put these black women who are old as fuck or over weight in front these niggas. Turn on Telemundo and you'll swear up and down every Latina chick is shaped like Jennifer Lopez or looks like Ariana Grande. They always promote their best women… we don't. Thats why guys like you Nate are good because you can get fly black women on camera and promote them. We need more self-promotion to knock down these bad images of our people. Great Video by the way.

  4. Q R says:

    Was this a comedy routine, a skit? I cracked up into a million pieces when he said shit like: Yeah, I slept with White women, but they had asses like Black women, but you other niggas ain't shit!!! That shit was genius-level funny, definitely worthy of an HBO special…

  5. Dark Eyes says:

    Another amazing video..your quote is gold " you are so frustrated with the American Black woman that you cannot even approach them"..straight fiyah!!!👍..I will always respect your honesty;admitting that the brainwashing is heavy to downplay black women.Why have Loni? because they love to promote the mammy image.There is a beautiful sistah on NY1..she is the meteorologist; Stacey-Ann.She makes the other white chicks look like they are not even trying😁..again nuff respect Nate from the heart wirh this video.

  6. Uncle ARKHAM-KNIGHT says:

    I was raised without my father but knew where and how to get in contact. HE CHOSE NOT TO HELP RAISE ME. However being raised by women cousins aunts etc. and my uncles were useless too! I learned manhood around the projects and steered not to be feminine. It couldve went the wrong way. I thank God for knowing to place me where I belong and letting HIM do so.

  7. Season1 better2 says:

    Or is it that their are very beautiful women in all cultures, but the other's cultures of beautiful women are smart enough to know not to go around flaunting themselves all over the place.

  8. MrROCKMUZK says:

    The black sison channel 11 niiiiiice….and i agree the women on these day Time shows are not sexy just soso….they cant be sexy because they will lose there job

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