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by admin

23 thoughts on “Blac Chyna & Dencia Capitalizing off of Vulnerable Dark Skinned Women with Whitenicious

  1. cheekybaby says:

    I'm already high yellow light-skinned and ain't no way in hell would I bleach my skin. The f**k I look like doing that mess to my skin looking like a damn corpse, smh.

  2. shuvraa samaiyar says:

    Y’all this is bs. Bleaching literally will make you look grey. That is not attractive. I’m south Asian, my community is colorist af. Deadass all my darker complexion aunties look grey & ghostly now because they’ve been bleaching their skin. Also it thins out the skin, which means you can see the veins. Ew don’t do it.

  3. Nefertiti_goddess says:

    The thing is in India bleaching is less of a controversy cause colorism is accepted there and no platforms are open to speak about it. And many women no matter what shade of brown in Hollywood have done it. And some are denied marriages unless they use "fairness creams"

  4. Ivy Primrose says:

    Skin bleaching isn't going anywhere, if they don't sell it someone else will, its a multi billion dollar industry worldwide. It's a light obsessed world we live in and many DS women are lightening to get their slice of the pie!

  5. Cyndi Ken says:

    Wake up people, Dencia, Black Chyna, Michael Jackson, Sammy Sousa and the rest of them are not bleaching with this product or any other "bleaching cream". They are getting the infusions. Thus the pasty pale shade all over. Dencia is laughing all the way to the bank.

  6. Maryam Selassie says:

    Honestly white ppl don’t care. They mostly don’t care when we’re openly colorist. Notice how they change the subject or change the conversation during outrage into all women are beautiful. Skin bleaching is gross and dangerous but mostly the only ppl that know it happens are black ppl and ppl of color. Average white people don’t know or care

  7. The O Negative says:

    lol $250 for mullato skin and you actually get albino skin. Mixed people are not grey. Mixed people can still go outside in the sun without their skin stinging. Somebody's trying to turn blacks into vampires while everybody else sun bathes, sun worships and whatever tf else.

  8. Serena J says:

    Once you decide to stop using it you will regret it because then the scars will appear

    My aunt used it on my cousin when she was born and has ever since she is 14 now and looks like a mixed child
    She once called her younger sister a Senegalese because she is darker then her and her mom.decided not to bleach her

    I feel so ashamed that this kid things dark=insult
    When her friends asked her why she was lighter than her sister she said because she is not Senegalese

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