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by admin

24 thoughts on “Best Way to Cover Dark Circles | For Indian, Tan, Olive Skin tone | Kavya K

  1. Jodeci c says:

    How do you get mad at someone for talking too much??? It's a TUTORIAL. she explained what she uses why she uses it and how it works. How do you expect to learn something without knowing all the information. She did great, I'm glad she talked alot 👏👏👏 Thank you!!

  2. orlybabe says:

    Your video is very informational, great job! I have similar Indian dark under eyes and I use eye cream, primer and translucent powder, but with the heat and humidity in my country and the fact I sweat on my face mostly, concealer doesn’t last more than 2-3 hours for me. Any tips on how to make it last all day through sweat? Thanks!

  3. Nancy Chang - van Weissenbruch says:

    I love both sides. I don’t see a difference. You’re beautiful 👌🏼
    Finally a tutorial for colored skin. I am going to try it out. I think I will try the one with the darker concealer. But you know I still have to find a good foundation color. I have tried so many but they all look so on natural on my face. Loved your video. Subscribed immediately

  4. Santosh avram says:

    Plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz Mujhe ek solutions Chahiye meri skin tone brown ha bt Maine online buy Kiya THA toh bhot jyada fairer tone ki foundation AA gyi then isko Mai kis tarh SE use kr skti kis tarh SE useful bna skti hu plzzzz plzzzzzzzz and

  5. Ahana Mayra says:

    Hi dear… I really wanted to know one thing that I have very bad darkcircle. I want to buy mac prolong wear concealer….. My shade is nc 42 in mac foundation… So can i go with nc45 for hiding my darkcircle… Please reply…. I am waiting for your answer..

  6. Sunshine Glow says:

    I tried your style of using darker concealer to conceal the dark circles (ordered the same cafe 30 in maybelline concealer from amazon) and trust me it looked amazing !
    Thankyou so much for sharing such wonderful idea.

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