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Best Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin 2017

EXTRASHADE Sun damaged skin
No woman likes to have discoloration on her face, even if she happens to be middle aged. sagging skin and discoloration can make you look older than you are. Here we’ll be discussing options for the best Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin you can use in 2017 in order to maintain healthy and great looking skin.
If you are a firm believer of the saying black don’t crack, you need to rethink your position. This is because this statement is only partly true and even ebony women can develop sagging skin prematurely. This happens with constant exposure to sun.

Being a black woman, you should consider yourself blessed as your skin produces more melanin, the substance responsible for the color of your skin.

This is like having a better natural defence against the harmful UV rays of the sun. But you cannot throw all caution to wind when it comes to your skin care.

You need the protection of an expert like a high quality hydrating moisturizer with SPF.

What is SPF and how does it matter to you?
SPF is a term that indicates the sun protection factor contained in a cream or lotion. SPF30 refers to sunscreen protection from 97 percent UVB rays whereas SPF15 provides protection from 93 percent UVB rays.

In fact, it is a measure of how long it takes for your skin to resist the damage caused by the sun’s rays as compared to when you are unprotected. If your skin starts to tan after 10 minutes under the hot sun, applying a sunscreen lotion or cream with SP 15 would give you enough protection from this damage for 15X10=150 minutes.

This also means that you cannot take it for granted that the sunscreen lotion you applied on your face before going out in the sun will keep you protected all day long.

Reapply Your Sunscreen Every Two Hours
Here, you need a thorough reapplication of your sunscreen every two hours to make sure that your skin does not start to develop wrinkles or dark spots. There are many skin care research experts who claim that ebony skin already has around 13.4 SPF whereas pale skin of a Caucasian person has only around 3.4 SPF.

This is precisely why sunbathing on the beaches creates dark spots on the body that remains uncovered out in the sun. But do not maintain the impression that higher SPF will also protect you from wrinkles caused by long exposure to sun, especially during hot summer months.

You remain in danger of melanoma, a type of skin cancer in addition to formation of wrinkles and dark spots on your face and other parts of the body. Regular application of a good sunscreen for sensitive skin helps in keeping both these conditions at bay.

All women belonging to different races must use sunscreen regularly
Increasing cases of black women developing sagging skin prematurely at a rather young age is a fact. Dermatologists attribute this phenomenon to diminishing ozone layer and increasing pollution in the atmosphere.

They also hold these factors responsible for making the sun’s rays more harmful for the skin.This is why they recommend individuals, irrespective of their color and ethnicity to wear sunscreen daily. It goes without saying that your natural defence against skin damaging sun’s rays is enhanced when you a daily non greasy moisturizing sunscreen.

Apply sunscreen several times if you remain under sun for long
Another major irritant for black women when it comes to their skin is hyperpigmentation. Ebonies are at the receiving end of this condition more often than Caucasian females.

There can be many reasons behind this issue that can leave behind dark spots. These include over exposure to sun, acne, pregnancy pills, and hormone therapy for treatment of some disorders.

How to Take Shower Appropriately?
It’s difficult for everybody to shower during the winter season but the good news is that you should be having shorter showers if you want your skin fresh and hydrated.
We also like to have long hot baths during the winter season but it will leave your skin dry afterwards. So you must avoid taking long showers in the fall and winter seasons. Moreover, you also need to apply a good moisturizer on your body to avoid dryness.

Controlling Your Annoying Dark Spots
It is essential to get to the root cause of discoloration and lines that appear on our face and apart from just aging the primary cause is the damage from exposure to the sun.

Who wouldn’t want a naturally fresh and radiant skin? So wear your sunscreen whenever you go outside. The best way to get rid of these dark spots and maintain healthy and great looking skin is to use the best sunscreen for sensitive skin 2017.

Do not wait too long until it is too late and your skin develops dark spots at an age of 35 or 40. Why wait too long and leave it to your Physician to use corrective treatment when you can take preventative care by simply using the best hypoallergenic sunscreen for sensitive skin daily.

Best Sunscreen for sensitive skin 2017
If you are concerned about dark spots left behind from a recently acne outbreak. to prevent these spots all together or prevent the current ones from getting darker, use the best sunscreen for sensitive skin 2017.

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