Beginner Eye Makeup For Hooded Eye Following on from last Monday’s Makeup Lesson and Chapter 7 of my makeup book themakeupchairhandbook here is an everyday look for hooded eyes. Order My Makeup Book Today – TheMakeupChairHandbook : Worldwide Shipping – Online – Instore – Easons and select bookstores around Ireland. Let’s be friends outside youtube: INSTAGRAM instagram is Sineadycady FACEBOOK TWITTER!/SineadyCady SNAPCHAT sineadycady PINTEREST _ Brushes by BlankCanvasCosmetic for 10% off use code “SINEAD” ___ Eye shadows used: NYX Contour and Highlighting palette Brush one Brush two Eyeliner Mascara Flormar Tiple Action Full Product List : Chapter 1 – Prep The Skin – Chapter 2 – Dealing with Redness – Chapter 2 – Under Eye Circles – Chapter 3 – Drugstore Foundation – Chapter 3 – Foundation Brush – Chapter 3 – How To Apply Foundation – Chapter 4 – How to Find Your Face Shapes – Chapter 4 – Blush For Your Face Shape – Chapter 4 – Bronzer vs Contour – Chapter 4 – Highlighter vs Highlighting – Chapter 5 – Powder Contouring – Chapter 5 – Cream Contouring – Chapter 6 – Updated Eyebrow Routine – Chapter 7 – Eye Spacing Wide Close Average – Beginner Eye Makeup For Hooded Eye

Protect & Nurture Sunscreen Lotion SPF30 For Children


EXTRASHADE Daily Defense Hydrating Lotion SPF 30


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  1. I usually put on my make up with my brush set. I bought them below
    I was barely know about make-up but decided to purchase the brush set. It super comfortable and made me excited to always try and learn to apply make up on. You have to try it too!

  2. I wouldn't put liner on the waterline or any liner, just watching you put it on your sister makes my eyes want to water lol my eyes are sensitive creatures aha :P, i wouldn't reccomend fake eyelashes ether if there is eyeshadow on the lid too because as you can see the lashes go up and over the lid so i would only do it if it's just a natural eyeshadow, crease and a bit of liner, if you put on colored eye shadows then just curl your lashes and use any type of mascara, if you want them thicker than use extra black, if you want more natural use a normal or eye opening mascara. i probs have to put the shadow above the crease too though because of the fact the eyelids are small and the eyeshadow on the lid will probs transfer over the creaee a little, your sisters hooded eyes are a little less deeper than mine thoughm but her eyelid is like a bit thinner so this should work (hopefully).

  3. Your sister should try a heated lash curler. The work great for hooded eyes. You just hold it against the base of the lash and lightly apply pressure. The heat does the work

  4. could you do deep set please? I have hooded and deep set and don't really have an eyelid to work with and I don't really know how to enhance my shape I guess haha. thanks!

  5. I have a kind of ramdom question.. when applying false eyelashes, how do you not get the glue on your real lashes? I've never tried false lashes in fear of ripping out my real ones. if someone could explain this to me that would awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Tell your sister they have a fantastic eyelash curler in dealz of all places perfect for hoodies eyes as I have the same most curlers are too big it's the one with the black handle you'll be amazed at the quality it looks like the tarte one !

  7. I have hooded eyes and the best eye lash curler I have found is a mini curler! Shiseido, Japonesque and Vincent Longo all make one. I have the Japonesque one and I LOVE it. Instead of curling all of my lashes at once, I do each eye in 3 sections. It took a little while for me to get the hang of it just because if you aren't consistent you will have one side really high and the other side not curled enough. But with a little practice it will just SAVE YOUR LIFE. I promise. It makes the biggest difference in my makeup and I have no regrets. So if you have hooded eyes I definitely recommend giving it a try! They are typically less than $15 USD.

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