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All-year Round Sun Safety Tips

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Tips Safety Tip # 1:

The sun is up 365 days a year, summer and winter, on clear and cloudy days both. Every minute of exposure adds to your total lifetime dose of UV radiation. This is what counts toward your potential skin cancer quotient.

Safety Tip # 2:

If  much of your workday is spent outdoors, lay on the sunscreen every day You need to shield yourself from UVR even if you are being chauffeur driven to meetings all day long. Notice how you tan progressively and you get squint lines from the sun’s glare? Along with visible light, you’re getting UV rays, too.

Safety Tip # 3:

Fun in the sun has its perils. Sunscreen is not just for the rather infrequent times you hit the pool or go to the shore with friends or family. Even if much of your day is spent in the classroom, inside the house or at your desk in the office, be wary of your sports, hobbies and other leisure time activities. You may be wearing a hat while pottering around in the garden but did you notice that a good deal of your face, neck, chest, legs and arms are sunlit? The risk is much greater in the playing field. Remember how often ―just half an hour of basketball, tennis, or flag football turns into hours and hours of sheer fun? Slather on the sunscreen beforehand and you won’t be sorry years or decades later.

Safety Tip # 4:

Sure, jogging, trekking and biking help fulfill your cardio workout quota. Surfing is healthy for forcing you to swim so much. So are skiing and tobogganing in winter. Make it all even healthier by armoring yourself against UV rays. Even if you think you’ll be outdoors for just 15 minutes. Remember how all those reflective surfaces bounce back more UVR at you and effectively double your harmful dose.

Safety Tip # 5:

The Skin Cancer Foundation couldn’t say it more bluntly, ―There is no such thing as a healthy tan. No matter how you cheated with a sun bed, went south for spring break or want to show off your Caribbean cruise, a tan is your skin’s silent reminder that you had an overdose of UV radiation

To keep your complexion looking great, use your broad spectrum sunscreen daily. #healthyskinishappiness


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