African American Skin Tightening NYC 212-219-1990 .wmv

African American Skin Tightening NYC 212-219-1990 .wmv

Through the years, collagen structure is gradually destroyed and the skin loses its youthful appearance; People begin to notice sagging or lax skin throughout the body, new fine lines and wrinkles seem to appear every day. Utilizing safe , bipolar RF which delivers RF energy.
The Reaction Handpiece delivers light energy and heats the collagen fibers deep beneath your skin’s surface, which actually stimulates new collagen growth!! Immediately after treatment, the skin looks and feels firmer, smoother, more vibrant and youthful. But that’s not all.
The best thing about Reaction is that after treatment, the collagen actually keeps on growing, so overtime your results are increasingly dramatic and long-lasting. And all this is achieved non-invasively, painlessly, and without any down-time.


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