I know many of you may think, wow, you really don't have a lot of acne, but for me, this is a lot. And most recently, it's been getting worse. The one positive is that thanks to my skintone, the acne doesn't get as "bright red" as others may experience, but they are dark, and they show through foundation way worse than my red pimples. Hopefully, whether you have a lot of acne, or a few spots here and there that you want to cover up, this will help you do that.

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by admin

41 thoughts on “Acne + Dark Spot Coverage Routine | Full Face Concealer + Foundation

  1. Ki Suh-Hyung says:

    Not to sound mean in anyway, I love your videos, so I hope you don't take this comment in a bad way but.. by the looks of it I think I have literally the same skin like you, I have a dark skin tone round my mouth and but only two patches of my forehead & it's really bugging me, and I can't wear makeup (I have sensitive skin) what do I do??

  2. ko ko says:

    i saw a comment below saying this was too much makeup but i think it's normal, i mean if you have more dark spots you would have to apply more and if you have less you wouldn't have to apply as much so i think it's a pretty good makeup tutorial, thanks for sharing

  3. Leah Mariee says:

    I was using that L'Oréal foundation for a while and I noticed my skin was breaking out terribly. Probably the worst acne I've ever had. I was watching my usual youtubers one day and they had mentioned that the L'Oréal foundation made them break out so I stopped using it immediately and sure enough my skin started to clear up

  4. Clearesta Nathania says:

    you put on a lot of stuffs 😮 does it make your face grease faster? and does your face feel sticky? like, when you press a finger a little too hard on your face does the foundation easily transfers?

  5. xtraceyy says:

    I was wondering which palette of the belletto correcting concealer do you use? Their website has a light and a medium and I can't tell what the difference is.

  6. Amy Anderson says:

    I feel ur pain! i had great skin till like 20 then ;( well, 4 me anyway, i know others have it much worse but i started getting hormonal breakouts (not cystic thank goodness) but not fun. i am 31 now & just starting 2 get through it, now I'm working on the hyperpigmentation. issue…..hydroquinone & paula's choice baby!

  7. Miko Lee says:

    Omg, I too just had a terrible breakout, but mine is just on both sides beside my nose, ur video helped a lot, love you!!!! Also, I couldn't get the camo palette at where I live (I'm from south east Asia), it will be great if could u recommend me any alternatives!!

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