Sun Protection for Rich Skin Complexions

EXTRASHADE products combine tried and proven ingredients to protect darker skin tones and sensitivities from UV rays. Enjoy the best sunscreen for black, ebony, or brown skin.

All skin needs extra sun defence to prevent burning, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, premature ageing, and diseases like skin cancer. EXTRASHADE offers high SPF sun protection customized for rich complexions from olive to ebony.

Sun Protection for Rich Skin Complexions

EXTRASHADE products are formulated with a mixture of rich skin fortifying ingredients that provide darker skin tones and sensitive skin with broad spectrum protection from UV rays. This allows you to enjoy the best sunscreen for black skin or ebony skin or brown skin or even
All skin types require an extra shield from the sun to prevent the risk of burning, skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation, premature aging and diseases such as skin cancer. That’s why EXTRASHADE products are formulated to offer a high SPF sun protection specifically for rich complexions from olive to ebony.

Our Mission

“To inspire the daily lifestyle habit of wearing sun protection and increase sun safety awareness among the multi-ethnic community.”

Our Story

Making the Best Sunscreen for Dark Skin

EXTRASHADE was launched by Anthony Clarke in 2011 after three years of scientific research aimed towards developing a formula that would give exceptional sun protection and at the same time provide nourishment for darker skin complexions.
While vacationing on the beach with his family in Ft Lauderdale, Florida he noticed his young nieces became very sun burnt. This prompted him to question friends and family about their use of sun protection products and he discovered that none of them used sunscreen. The primary reasons: they were not concerned with getting skin cancer because of their dark skin tone and the unpleasant experience of the ashy or chalky look from traditional sunscreen.
Anthony’s passion for marketing and preventive care motivated him to create EXTRASHADE. The inspiration is to provide sun care for a rapidly growing community to maintain their health and appearance.

At EXTRASHADE, our journey began in 2011 when Anthony Clarke's three-year research led to a sun protection formula that shields and celebrates darker skin complexions.

The spark for EXTRASHADE ignited during a family beach vacation in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Seeing his nieces' painful sunburns highlighted a gap in awareness. Anthony found that traditional sunscreens were avoided due to chalky residue concerns and the misconception that darker skin tones were invulnerable to skin cancer.

Driven by a desire for positive impact, Anthony created EXTRASHADE to empower with effective sun care that safeguards health and honours skin of color's radiance.

We offer a customized range of products for diverse skin tones, elevating sun protection to where health meets confidence.

At EXTRASHADE, you're becoming part of a movement that acknowledges the importance of every skin tone and prioritizes overall well-being. Come join us on this path toward enjoying radiant days in the sun.