7 Tips for Staying Healthy Over The Holidays!

7 Tips for Staying Healthy Over The Holidays!

By Lakiera Thompson

The holidays can be enjoyable and stressful at the same time. Sometimes we can lose sight of our health but don’t worry, here’s 7 tips on how you can stay healthy during this time of the year!

1.Don’t overeat!

It may be hard to avoid overeating during the holidays especially when you see everyone else helping themselves to 3 and 4 plates. Before going for that 2nd helping of mac and cheese ask yourself, am I really hungry or am I just overindulging?

2.Get plenty of rest

You’re going to be so busy visiting family and getting last minute gifts that you may burn yourself out. Don’t forget to get rest! Even though it’s the holidays, your body still needs to recharge to enjoy time with family and friends.

3.Keep stress away!

The holidays can be stressful especially when your plans fail, finances are low, and every place seems overpacked. Keep stress away by practicing techniques like deep breathing and meditation to keep your mind in a clear space.

4.Don’t forget to exercise!

Exercising will give you plenty of energy and also help your mood when dealing with a lot of stressful situations during the holidays.

5.Stay hydrated!

If you’re going to treat yourself to a little alcohol be sure to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and hangovers. Even if you don’t drink, you will still need water to hydrate your body.

6.Treat yourself too!

So you’ve given gifts to everyone and now it’s time to treat yourself! Buy yourself something you’ve always wanted or enjoy that piece of cake you’ve been waiting to try! Don’t think that it’s selfish to make yourself happy too!

7.Enjoy yourself!

Put your phone down and enjoy your family and friends! The holidays is for showing thankfulness and being mindful of all the wonderful things surrounding you. Use this time to converse, laugh, and reminisce!

Remember to enjoy the simple things, love everyone, and be safe!

Happy Holidays!

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