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best sunscreen for black skinLove! The lubricant that  keeps  the  heart  running,  some  are  praying  for  it,  some  just  can’t  get  enough of  it.  Let’s  agree  on  one  thing,  no  matter  how  heartless  one  may  be,  there’s  just  something  about being  cared for  and loved  by  another person  (nope,  we  are  not referring  to  your family  nor pet).  So  you  may  think  you  have  it  all  in  the  sac when  it  comes  to  getting  advances  from  the  opposite  sex;  awesome  personality  and  all  but  have you  ever  thought  your  love-life  may  boom  if  you  had  an  awesome  skin?  If you  answered  no,  then lucky  you,  welcome  aboard.  Here  are  five  ways  a  healthy  skin  can  improve  your  dating game:

  1. IMPROVED CONFIDENCE: There’s nothing more  appealing  like  a  confident  guy  (hey,  Johnny  Bravo  not  included)  or  girl. I’m  not  referring  to  the  size  of  his  or  her  bank  account because you could  be as  wealthy  as  Rockefeller  and  yet  not  be  comfortable  in  your  own  skin.  Your  dating  game  is most likely to be impaired if you have skin  problems you actually have control over (I  can  hear  the  Powerpuff  girls  screaming  “eeew cooties!”). It can be quite traumatizing having skin problems, making one feel unattractive.  It just piles up the insecurities like tetras.  One  look  at  the  mirror  and  even  the  mirror  shrieks  in  fear  of  the frightful  face  staring  at it  but  you don’t want this, I  believe. You  having  that  smooth  and  radiant  skin  will  make  your  date  appreciate you,  show  you  off  and  compliment  you. Though having a healthy skin takes serious commitment, yet a healthy diet, rest, good skin care products and effective sun protection habits is just enough. A healthy skin is not  only  good  for  your  dating  game  but  good  for  your life  in  general,  no  one  wants  a  vampire  relationship (Definitely not referring to getting your blood sucked but referring to nocturnal rendezvous just because you can’t show off your partner).
  1. INCREASED SEX APPEAL: A healthy skin in company with other traits such as sense of humor, charisma, and confidence, automatically makes you more attractive. As a lady you get more approached and as a guy even though you might not get approached as much as the ladies, women will be more receptive to your advances. And this is because we are all still guilty of judging a book by its cover (skin), even when we were told not to. Let’s also take a look at this scenarios doing the  same  with  someone  with  a  dry skin ridiculed with spots and  freckles,  gives you the creeps yea?  Having  a  well  moisturized  skin  will  help  prevent  blemishes  and  wrinkles, and touching  such  a  soft radiant  skin  will  electrify  your  senses  and  make  you  magnanimous  with  kisses and affection in  relation  to  that person.
  1. AWESOME SELFIE GAME: In the  world  of  today,  especially  with  the  advent  of  technology  which  has  forever  revolutionized the  dating  game  via  social  media,  people  meet  people  from  all  corners  of  the  globe  and  you pretty  much  will  need  a  fresh,  healthy  looking  skin  to  bag  a  big  fish with selfies dominating the online dating scene these days. Although  some  folks edit  their  images,  filter  upon  filter; this  can  only  fool people  temporarily  as  long  as  they  never  get  to  meet  you  in  person.  Your  dating  game  will  soar super  high  if  you  take  good  care  of  your  skin,  posting  pictures  online  with little or no editing. You’ll  be  confident to  take  pictures with  your  date  and  you  will  have  no  sense  of  guilt  when  an  attractive  guy  or  lady  asks  “Is  that really  you?”.  At  least,  save  yourself  the  embarrassment  of  explaining  how  your  profile  image was  a  ten  and  your  face  in  reality  is  around  the  acidic  pH  (1.0-3.0).  Having  a  smooth  and  radiant skin  will  not  only  attract  people  to  your  profile,  girls  or  guys  will  want  to  be  associated  with  you. Hey!  Maybe you could even make something out of giving people beauty tips on getting that elusive beautiful skin.
  1. LESS REJECTION: “Mr. or Miss  XYZ,  I’m  sorry,  you  are  not  my  type”.  Sounds familiar?  Often  times, physical beauty or attractiveness is the  real  reason why  many  people  get  rejected  apart  from  personality  related  reasons and fantasies  of  one’s  projected  dream  man  or  woman. And let me ask, what’s beauty without a healthy radiant skin? A healthy skin is an integral part of physical attractiveness. Ever been  in  a  scenario  whereby  you  were  asked  out  by  someone  decent,  obviously  not  your  type  but you  were  tempted  to  give  such  a  person  a  chance  just  because  you  were  attracted  to  the  smooth, radiant  skin  of  such  a  person?  If  you  have,  more  often  than  not,  you  accepted  the  advances because the allure of a beautiful  skin is so tempting and difficult to say no to.
  1. YOU BECOME THE SUITABLE MATE: The role nature plays in picking the suitable mate cannot be overemphasized. Women want taller men because it subconsciously makes them feel protected, makes men look dominant and secures a future for their progeny, who they want to be tall and strong. Women also don’t just love money just so because they can acquire all things luxury; a wealthy man offers provision for her and her future children. Now to the guys, we were not just designed to love women with curvy features; wide hips has always been a sign of fertility in women, same with attractive body shape, and full healthy hair is a sign of femininity and vitality, the same way we want intelligent women because they determine the IQ of our children. The skin is not left out here; both sexes want partners with beautiful skin as this is not only a sign of healthiness, but this important trait can also be conferred unto their children. So how do you achieve that youthful skin? I will say, eat good food, rest well, protect your skin from excessive sun exposure and use sunscreen all year round. Take home fact: Sunscreen slows down aging by 24%.

Disclaimer: So it might seem like we’re totally against people with skin conditions, but this is not the case. Some skin conditions are genetic, thus what we’re really advocating  for is that you control what you can, strive on getting a healthy skin,  effectively manage hereditary skin conditions, and ultimately love yourself so you can have an awesome dating experience. Cheers!

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