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Today’s Beauty Hackers episode is making clear eyes! We’ve prepared 3 hacks for those you has tiny veins in the eyes, cloudy eye whites, and/or eye dryness! These hacks are easy to follow, so let’s make healthy and clear eyes together!

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by admin

50 thoughts on “3 Hacks For Clear White in the Eyes l Sparkling White Eyes, DIY Heated Eye Pads

  1. Wishtrend TV says:

    Hi Wishtrenders 💖
    Today we talked about ways to have healthier eyes. Eyes are very important, so we hope you can keep them healthy though the hacks today! If you’ve got more questions on the video today or have got topic requests, leave them in the comments below~ Thanks for watching!

  2. Potato says:

    Can someone pls help me on my forehead and under my eyes i have these tiny bumps but idk wut they r and because of that idk how to get rid of them. Ive seen many videos about tiny bumps but most of them are white bumps and they dont look like mine. Plz help because i want my skin to be smooth.

  3. Arshi Arshi says:

    Thank you , this was very helpful since am a student am used to pulling an all nighter 🌟 Could you please do a video on how to reduce or cover vey bad dark🙏 circles

  4. M3A M3A says:

    The sad music is I think sea by bts . Anyways thank you . I really needed this since my eyes are actually like that . Thank you 🙂🙂🙂🙂
    Also I wanted to ask ,
    I live in the Middle East and want some of the products but I don't find them here . Can u tell how and from where do I get these ???

  5. Migs C. says:

    Tried the blackhead DYI with egg whites, flour, and green tea powder. It was amazing! Will try these hacks too! Thank you!

    Edit: Love the fact that Kill Me, Heal Me drama ost was playing in the background on the reenactments 😄

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