8 thoughts on “18-25 medium/dark skin black men who are productive are not represented

  1. ANUPTAH says:

    PLUS THEY intend to annihilate the darkskin gene. AND push this neutral race of MULATTOS. THEY'RE going back to the1950's when all of the black leaders were lightskin. BECAUSE their world is ON IT'S WAY OUT and they plan to take us with them. THEIR last stand is allowing interracial dating to keep the black population decieved so they can stay in power.

  2. ANUPTAH says:

    CNN'S BLACK IN AMERICA was garbage put together just because we'll watch it. THEY DON'T have any intentions of promoting young blackmen.THEY even told blackwomen to date other races.

  3. edupbeat says:

    Wow pink, I'm getting addicted 2 your shit! I mean u talk about shit that mainstream just doesn't. i, ( dark skin ) have experienced this my whole life. Besides being sexual objects, dark skin men r more a threat 2 society. But then again, we're living in a racism.white supremacy world.

  4. reignsupreme says:

    I agree that the epitome of the black man should be a man who carries himself in a dignified manner. What's your point?

    I am talking about how dark skin men are treated versus light skin men. You know and I know that light skin men get a pass over dark skin men. Thats a fact!!! History and todays society proves it.

    You are stating what Obama is and I am stating what people see. People see a light skin black man when they look at Obama. It seems you want to argue the obvious.

  5. reignsupreme says:

    A dark skin black man will always have it harder than any man in this society. No disrespect to my light skin brothers, but dark skin men are the epitome of the black man. Light skin men gets a pass among the black race and other races. They are not considered a threat. Most of your first black politicians were light skin men. No secret light skin Obama is the first black president. This society fears dark skin men!!! They will always strive to keep the dark skin man at the bottom.

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